394px-Babies - Meet Jewel
Jewel Sparkles is one of the four dolls of the first series of the Lalaloopsy Babies.


Sewn on: March 13 (Jewel Day)

Sewn from: A Real Princess's Dress


She’s a princess at heart, wearing something shiny, that's how every day starts. She's the most royal baby you'll ever meet, but she'll burst into giggles if you tickle her feet. Speaking of royal, she’s royally soft, cuddly and sew cute! 


  • Hairstyle: Pigtails
  • Pacifier: Light and dark pink
  • Body pattern: Hearts
  • Diaper design: Pink with white polka-dots and an ivy-green bow
  • Hat design: Pink with a light pink band and bow


Her bottle is based on her pet, Cat.

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